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Vivo en una pequeña ciudad muy cerca de Madrid - España.
Me interesa mucho la investigación científica en todas sus ramas.



Project on hold
I have to pause the project at the moment for few reasons.

I'm quite busy now on my work, can't find enough time to work with project application to solve stability problems... Also, I found that with current way of how project work, we can search whole Internet in few hours which is great result but also this give back tons of results - proper way to clear this data is hard task for current server and I need to find way to sort this out as well.

I will inform you as soon as I solve this but that can takes months with current quantity of time I can spend on project...
12 Feb 2014, 9:53:41 UTC · Comment

New work generator is alive from now and it takes 99.99% work off from the system.

Mainly it takes all sentences from checked document separately and check it on my search engine (based on YaCy). Results from search engine are comes back as http links to single, quite big file.
Now the file are going to split in to chunks and goes to you as WU's.

Instead of search through all Internet we have only small part of it to check :)
14 Jan 2014, 22:10:33 UTC · Comment

Beta application release for Windows 32bit
Application for Windows 32bit released.
As far as I can see it work also on 64 bit systems without problems.
Tested under Windows 7.

If your anti virus start alarming, ignore it, this is because you download application from unknown source and additional curl library.
28 Oct 2013, 16:04:15 UTC · Comment

Beta application - work in progress.
Current application works as non CPU intensive and uses very little of resources (up to 7 MB RAM). It's still need stable internet connection to work as it constantly downloads web site's and compare it with test document attached to WU.

Bandwidth requires are not really big as only HTML source code are downloaded, I have tested it on 1Mb/s connection and this is enough for it - connection stability only is important :)
22 Oct 2013, 17:04:56 UTC · Comment

First beta application
I have released first beta version of plagiarism application.
This app are Linux 64 bit only (at the moment) and requires GLIBC_2.14 in system to work (as is linked dynamically).

To run it you will need set test applications to yes in account settings.
Remember that this app heavy uses connection bandwith.
14 Oct 2013, 9:38:04 UTC · Comment

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